What's Essential About Tremors-

What's Essential About Tremors?

What's Essential About Tremors?  OK, this is another difficult-to-wrap-my-brain-around condition, illness, and curse for people usually diagnosed as we age.

With my Mom, at the beginning, hers was “Essential Tremors”…What could possibly be essential about tremors??

Essential to What?

They certainly aren't “absolutely necessary or extremely important.”

AND, no matter how many times the doctor tells you Essential Tremors do not necessarily mean you have Parkinson's, you are still, in most cases, sentenced to a life of little or no control in getting food or drink to your mouth without dropping or spilling it.

For a man, it might be a good idea to grow a beard instead of cutting yourself every time you shave.  For a woman, who has always been conscientious about wearing makeup, well maybe conscientious is not the right word….OBSESSED about leaving the house without it, then you don't want tremors, essential or not.

4 Eyebrows

Shortly after I noticed my Mom had 4 eyebrows, 2 natural and 2 not-so-natural, she was so excited when we came up with a gift for the woman who has everything, especially one she never realized she needed.

The best and most appreciated Mother's Day gift her girls gave her was Permanent Eyebrows (only 2) that never had to be penciled on again.

Now, when she talks about how she doesn't understand why young people get Tattoos, we remind her she has 2–one above each eye—haha 🙂 

7 Years Later

Yes, it's been 7 years since she was officially diagnosed with Parkinson's and, in her case, the diagnosis was actually a blessing–at least for a while–the medication helped!

There are so many things (some I will share in another post) I would have done differently, especially regarding her care, if I had known more and we weren't also caring for my Dad in his battle with Alzheimer's.  Like Alzheimer's, we have learned it's not a one-size-fits-all illness with predictable symptoms.

My Mom continues to live and adjust with the same determination and fortitude she has shown throughout her life.  She is not a quitter nor is she a complainer.

What Do We Do Next?

Just when we thought it couldn't get any worse, Dementia has begun.  WHAT DO WE DO NOW?

The answer came through loud and clear, in only 3 words—  JUST LOVE HER

My strength, compassion and joy continue to grow.

Sharing a video of my sweet Mother from 2016 when she could still tell stories I love to hear–


Be a Caregiver Who Cares About Yourself Too,


PS:  Until next time here is an amazing 7 minute video from one of my favorite sites (Ted Talks) by a young designer — “Simple Hacks for Life with Parkinson's”.

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