Are Depends On Your Grocery List-ARE DEPENDS ON YOUR GROCERY LIST?

Are Depends on Your Grocery List?  Don't know about you, but when I added Incontinence (can we please come up with a better word?) Underwear  to my grocery list,

I was grateful they were for my Mom, and NOT ME.


Truth of the matter, if you aren't already taking care of an elderly parent or spouse, odds that it won't happen are probably as good as winning the triple crown…


And when you are handed that role, there's really no play book to live by.


Well, there are 4 things I found that are not only extremely helpful, but essential to maintaining an emotionally healthy life as A CAREGIVER!


Dig deeper into your spiritual life.

There's nothing like conversing with, listening to and learning more from, the ONE who created you and knows how this is all going to turn out anyway.


Find someone to talk to, or as I like to say–VENT TO.  If you're lucky, this could be another family member who is helping you

and is ready to share the load.

Or someone, who at anytime, will listen to your frustrations and help you talk through the challenge of that day.

Going it alone is almost guaranteed to have an effect on your health both physically and emotionally.


Learn as much as you can about the illness and situations your loved one will experience as the illness progresses.

This will help you understand, or maybe not, the stages ahead.


Try to find some humor in this gift  we call LIFE.

After all, we were never Promised A Rose Garden (haha, always loved that song).

And, I can tell you from experience,my sweet Dad said and did some pretty funny things during his journey through Alzheimer's.

Maybe I will share some of those funnies at another time…

Be a Caregiver Who Cares About Yourself Too,



PS:  Until next time here is a neat 6 minute video from one of my favorite sites (Ted Talks) by a young woman telling how she is preparing for Alzheimer's.