The 4 Year Career

THE FOUR YEAR CAREER 6th Edition by Richard Bliss Brooke

Ever dreamed of building your own business?  How about building it in as little as 4 years, with very little overhead.

AND even better–a business that continues to grow and allows you to exit the rat race, be in control of your time, and spend more if it doing what you really want to do for the rest of your life.

Some of you are thinking–that does sound like a dream–even a pipe dream.  more



The Christian Entrepreneur's Outlook

C.E.O. The Christian Entrepreneur’s Outlook by V. L. Thompson

Ms. Thompson had me from the Dedication when she said it was “…To those who, out of love, told me what I didn’t want to hear when I needed to hear it.”

If you haven’t had a time in your life or decision you had to make when you needed to hear more than what you were saying to yourself, more…

FASCINATE by Sally Hogshead

Don’t know where to start on this one—almost every page is amazing and offers insight into making your business, your brand, and even your relationships Fascinating. Making yourself, your words, your story, your ideas captivating means you must stand out. Sally says in the Introduction….“You can’t stand out if you’re trying to blend in.”  more…


Encore Entrepreneur


A concise, easy to read guide for anyone over the age of 50 looking to increase their monthly income and do something they enjoy doing…

“Santa” gives you examples of 3 people (including himself) who wanted to try a different path and didn't like the idea of living on a fixed income for the rest of their lives– more…