My Mom and The Covenant Prayer

Recently, my Mom and I had a real conversation and it was about prayer.  There were few repeats and she stayed on subject.
She shared with me, in a very calm, matter-of-fact way, that she prays to God He will give her something to do each day and that He use her for His purposes.
AND if He has nothing more for her to do….More

Daddy's HandsThe Day I Stopped Calling Him


I'll never forget the day I Stopped Calling Him Daddy.  He was Always my Daddy– my hero, my bigger-than-life own personal Superman, Roy Rogers, John Wayne–
ready to play when he came home from running a locomotive down the tracks.
He taught me how to box, play ball, shoot marbles, feed an orphan calf with a bucket of powdered milk, drive his pickup….More

Try To Focus On The Good Memories

Try To Focus On The Good Memories 

As memories fade, personalities change, and it's difficult to have a meaningful conversation with the person who gave you life, love and then freedom—how does a Caregiver BE WITH and CARE FOR that person, for a few minutes or even worse, hours or days at a time?

They are changing right before your eyes AND you are, what seems like, suddenly spending time with someone you don't recognize and obviously never knew…MORE

What's Essential About Tremors

What's Essential About Tremors?  

OK, this is another difficult-to-wrap-my-brain-around condition, illness, and curse for people usually diagnosed as we age.

With my Mom, at the beginning, hers was “Essential Tremors”…What could possibly be essential about tremors??

Essential to What?

They certainly aren't “absolutely necessary or extremely important.”

AND, no matter how many times the doctor tells you Essential Tremors do not necessarily mean you have Parkinson's, you are still, in most cases, sentenced to a life of little or no control in getting food or drink to your mouth…MORE

Are Depends On Your Grocery List-Are Depends On Your Grocery List?

Don't know about you, but when I added Incontinence (can we please come up with a better word?) Underwear  to my grocery list,

I was grateful they were for my Mom, and NOT ME.

Truth of the matter, if you aren't already taking care of an elderly parent or spouse, odds that it won't happen are probably as good as winning the triple crown…  MORE

Hamster On a Wheel

The Stages of Caregiving–Ever Feel Like

a Hamster On A Wheel?


Step By Step–Here's How It Happened and Continues For Me:


I have my own life to lead–
Where does it say adult children are supposed to respect and honor their parents?
Well, let's see–FIRST, the most popular book of all time says so…  MORE