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Dementia and Caregiver Stress – The worst thing that can happen after retirement, other than losing your health, is finding yourself in a place you never thought you would be–a Caregiver and afraid you will run out of money before you run out of living.

If you're like me, you want to keep doing something.  You want to slow down but you want to keep up with what's going on in the world, working when you want, not when you have to, making enough to maintain or improve your life style, sharing what you have with those who matter to you, your church, and even projects that make a difference.

Or do you daydream about a new career?–one you are in charge of and can control, not one that is subject to down turns in the economy, not one that started out as 8-5 but is now 7-7.

What's available now and will continue to change faster than we ever imagined, is an incredible, unimaginable opportunity.

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I found myself as a Caregiver for parents with Alzheimer's and Parkinson's which pushed me to realize I could do something else.


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This section is dedicated to Good News about being a Caregiver.  I hear you loud and clear–“What could possibly be good about this role, this responsibility, this time served with no parole?”

We hear and experience so much about the BAD NEWS that it's hard to imagine there can be anything GOOD about being a Caregiver.  BUT the more you know the more likely you will be to find some normalcy, peace, and joy in your life.

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Fate whispered to the warrior “You cannot withstand the coming storm.” And the warrior whispered back “I am the storm.”
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The Power of Positivity
There was a gardener who was running his family business that had been passed down from his grandfather to his father and now to him. The staff were happy, and they had more than enough customers, and the team and business were both very successful. For as long as anyone could even remember, the current owner and his ancestors before him were always happy, positive and optimistic. Generally, people assumed that was because they were all running a very successful business.
Testament to this, there was a tradition of all the owners to wear a big lapel badge saying “Business is Great!” Generally, it was great, but there were tough times just like all businesses. The key was that no matter the success of the gardening business, the owner’s attitude was always the same.
The first time anyone saw the owner and the badge, they would invariably ask “What’s so great about your business?”, or make their own comments that their own companies were suffering, and they were miserable in their personal lives because of how stressed they were. What the badge was great for was starting a conversation, where the owner could then talk about all of the positive parts of the business.
• how much he loved meeting and talking with new people each day
• how rewarding it was as he helps staff rise to meet new challenges and experiences
• being able to laugh and relax in a work environment where all the team get along
• how much he loves helping people with the actual gardening
• the feeling of satisfaction from finishing a job to the best of his ability
• the new challenges that force you to learn something new everyday
• The thought that everyone doing business is blessed, because of the opportunity that comes with being in a civilized country, where there are no real worries.
The list goes on and on. No matter how bad a mood the customer was in before walking in the store, they would leave feeling an awful lot happier just from a couple of minutes talking to the owner and being a part of the infectious positivity and enthusiasm. Asked about the key to his businesses success, and whether the badge or the attitude came first in a quiet moment the owner confides “The badge was first. The great business came after.”

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